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Why Install A Car Park Exhaust Ventilation System

It is crucial that car parks are ventilated for the removal of vehicle exhaust fumes containing dangerous gases that can kill. These include Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxides and many heavy metal compounds. There is a legal requirement on all Sydney building  owners to ensure a safe tenant environment and this extends to ensuring the removal of toxic gases from car exhaust systems.

Older Sydney car park ventilation systems often have exhaust fans running for long periods at full speed. Latest design and system developments in recent years have seen ventilation systems a lot more energy efficient.  Ventilation systems we install deliver energy and cost savings whilst still maintaining a healthy car park.

Our Car Park Ventilation System Options

There is many Sydney car park ventilation designs on the market but the introduction of Impulse Ventilation systems has taken performance to a new level. Ventilation systems also provide assistance to fire fighters by limiting the speed of smoke movement in the event of a fire and for clearing lingering smoke after the fire is extinguished.

The Building Code of Australia requires a Sydney carpark mechanical ventilation system to be installed in buildings under clause F4.11 Carparks Part 4 Light and Ventilation. The mechanical system must comply with AS 1668.2-2002 The use of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings – Ventilation design for indoor air containment control.

Our Safe carbon monoxide extraction solutions

Mechanical Sydney car park ventilation systems support or replace natural ventilation methods in residential and commercial buildings. While natural car park ventilation relies on pressure differences or wind to circulate air. Modern mechanical systems use fans, ducts and filters for consistent cooling, circulation and improved indoor air quality.

Many older Sydney buildings have a carpark mechanical ventilation installed in carparks that do not comply with the need for sufficient natural ventilation, these also require a regular testing and maintenance to be carried out. Call us today for a free quote on bringing your system up to the lated building code and energy efficient requirements.

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